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If you want your clients to always look their best, you need to make sure you stock the best eyebrow products. But where to find these products? The answer is simple: by buying them in bulk!

Buying eyebrow products in bulk has many advantages. First, it reduces costs. You will not have to spend as much on inventory since you will be buying in bulk. In addition, you will be able to offer a greater variety of products to your customers. This way, customers will surely find something that suits their needs and preferences.

Mineral Solution for henna mix

Mineral solution is used for mixing the appropriate amount of henna with until a homogeneous consistency is achieved.
After achieving desired consistency, apply the final composition on the eyebrows according to the preferred dyeing method.

Pre-treatment for eyebrows

Brow cleanser helps in washing the brows properly by eliminating any particles of natural oils and other skin greases.
Provides proper application of the Henna, helps in avoiding the non-tinted brow areas. Recommended for excellent hair care and sustainable color during the brow dyeing procedure.

Shampoo for eyebrows 30 ml

Professional shampoo with an innovative complex of active ingredients for cleansing the eyebrows.
Eliminates the remains of cosmetics and oil from the brow area.
Supports hair growth by providing better pigment penetration.

Gel scrub for eyebrows

Water-based gel scrub Lovely is excellent for cleansing the eyebrows before tinting and laminating procedures.
It is oil-free and easy to rinse off.
The product provides density and coloration.

Paste for eyebrows

White eyebrow contour paste is a product that every eyebrow artist needs.
Excellent for for drawing a sketch and building perfect contours.
It prevents henna from leaking during the staining procedure.

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