About us

Founded in 2012, today the company is a leader in the beauty industry on the international market! Under the brand Lovely, we successfully develop several projects: the Beauty Academy, a beauty salon and the production of materials for the beauty industry.

The main mission of the company is care!

– Taking care of professionals through training, work development, personal development, quality materials and continuous support.
– Caring for partners – entrepreneurs through trusted partnerships, business process training, promotion, personal development.
– Taking care of the customer through safe and innovative homemade products.
Today Lovely is:

  1. The production and sale of materials under the brand Lovely for masters of eyelashes, eyebrows, hair removal.
    Masters trust us and choose Lovely because of its high quality materials, current innovations, reasonable prices and in-house development!

    • Over 3,000 products in assortment.
    • 20 production sites from 10 countries are involved in the production process.
    • 3500 people produce and prepare Lovely brand products.
    • 310 people are involved in testing the products before they are released for distribution.
    • 7 Years in the fastest growing market in the beauty industry.
    • 3-step quality control.
    • Our own lab to develop and test new products.
  2. Lovely International Beauty Academy.
    Not just an academy for in-demand professions, but a business consultant to help you achieve your dream!

    • Providing a state-certified diploma – additional professional education in accredited programs.
    • Training in offline and online formats.
    • Training and professional development for teachers and trainers.
    • Organizing and participating in international events: championships, master classes, exhibitions.
    • Attracting the best Russian and international speakers and teachers.
    • Creating an individual training program for masters of various levels (from beginners to owners of their own salon).
    • Training with own-brand materials that meet international standards of quality and safety.
    • Highly qualified teachers.
  3. Official beauty salon of the Lovely brand.
    Our professionalism allows us to provide high quality services with innovative materials and the best specialists in town!

    • Highly qualified specialists.
    • Constant improvement and training of teachers.
    • Sale of Lovely brand materials.
    • A platform for the implementation of masters who graduated from Lovely Academy.
    • A platform to create trends.
    • Caring for the health of the masters and the customer.
    • Working only with safe materials confirmed by international quality certificates.
  4. The world-renowned Lovely team.
    Our team is constantly growing – new representatives, business partners, trainers, masters! Lovely helps you find your vocation, realize your ambitions, improve your knowledge and become an expert in the beauty industry!

    • More than 400 representatives in 30 countries.
    • More than 60 cities worldwide where Lovely trainers teach.
    • Ongoing support for reps.
    • Training for our team of reps.
    • Special offers and promotions for partners.
    • Attracting top teachers to participate in their events as speakers, judges and trainers.
    • Providing working tools for the promotion, further growth and fulfillment of masters, coaches and partners.

Our goal is to help women be the jewels of the world and inspire them to conquer the highest heights!

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